Purple Team Approach

We are supported by experience in Offensive Cybersecurity operations, providing quality based on knowledge, strategy, analysis, creativity and perseverance.

Confidentiality and professional ethics prevail in each service.

Our mission is to ensure that your organization's information security posture matures and is resilient to advanced threats, thus being your strategic partner for the continuous development of the business.

Our Information Security and Cybersecurity consultancies have a mix of ISO/IEC standards and NIST framework combined with our experience doing Offensive, since we know how an advanced adversary thinks and operates.

This strengthened the knowledge necessary to evolve Cyber Defense operations, targeting the hunt for AID (Attack Indicators Deployed) where we discovered 0-day in the implementation phase, or that are deployed in cyberspace to initiate a malicious campaign.

We have experience in operations on IT and OT infrastructure, as well as in Cloud

Our specialists are certified: LCSPC | ISO/IEC 27001IA | RTOOS | OSEH | CEH Practical | OSCP | CRTO | eCPPT